Hello!Wireless Bluetooth Headphone.

Hello!Wireless Bluetooth Headphone.

July 06,2018


Since the iPhone7 canceled the 3.5mm wireless bluetooth headphone jack, many mobile phone manufacturers have followed suit. This phenomenon directly leads consumers to use digital interface headphones or use Bluetooth headsets, but from the actual use situation, more people have chosen the more convenient Bluetooth headset.

From the perspective of the headset market, wireless and intelligent headphones will dominate the market, especially the Bluetooth headset that is known for its convenience. Bluetooth headsets represent the future trend.

However, wired headsets will not die, and the future will be integrated into reality, and it may continue to show the coexistence of the two for a long time.


From the perspective of the functionality of the headset, Bluetooth headsets and wired headsets have their own advantages and disadvantages. The wired earphone has the advantage that the transmission will be free from any interference, and the sound quality will be more realistic, but the wired winding has a strong sense of restraint. The Bluetooth headset has a very outstanding superiority in portability, but the wireless transmission effect is affected by distance and environment.


However, with the development and popularization of its technology, Bluetooth headsets are accepted by consumers. At the same time, after the mobile phone manufacturers cancel the 3.5mm headphone jack, the Bluetooth headset has become the best partner for smartphones; plus the current popular Bluetooth 4.2. Technology, as well as the support of LDAC, apex and other connection technologies, the Bluetooth headset is a very mature product with excellent experience in terms of battery life and sound quality.

At present, the Bluetooth headset products are very rich, not only are they superior in sound quality, they also feature active noise canceling, voice calling and intelligent voice assistant. In terms of function, it has great potential and strength compared to wired headphones.


In general, in the headset market, most of the usage scenarios have basically been covered by Bluetooth headsets.

Compared to wired headsets, wireless headsets have the strong advantage. Although it may not be possible to completely replace each other, even wired headsets dying, in the foreseeable future, Bluetooth headsets are still the trend.