JH-804 ANC headphone

JH-804 ANC headphone

July 06,2018


Among the two most popular headphone types we always talk about with our Headphone.com customers are noise-cancelling and JH-804 ANC headphone.

A few years ago,  both categories filled us a mild sense of dread as hardcore audiophiles.

Not only was the sound quality of old noise-cancelling (NC) headphones dreadfully crunchy and edgy but, in addition, wireless Bluetooth audio also left a lot of be desired in musical dynamics and resolution. Thankfully, those painful days are behind us.

Nowadays with the advent of 'lossless' Bluetooth audio technology like AptX and improved noise canceler headphone design,  there are actually a few models we think will satisfy traveling music lovers who demand great sound quality, solid ambient noise isolation and wireless convenience on their journeys.

Sure,  noise cancelling or Bluetooth cans are never going to sonically compete with four-figure reference flagship open-back headphones run through powerful headphone amps. Nor will they match the pristine acoustic detail and 'earplug-like' isolation of top audiophile in-ear headphones like the Shure SE846 or the Westone W80.

But for discerning listeners seeking over-ear headphones with the ability to minimize external noise and conveniently travel wire-free, this growing category is becoming a more valid choice as the audio performance gets stronger and more precise.

Inevitably,  the noise-cancelling wireless headphone category is full of choices at all points of the price and performance ladder.  Our Headphone.com review team has heard a lot of different noise canceler/NC/wireless headphones over the years.  Many fell woefully short of our expectations in either sound quality performance, fit ergonomics, build quality or product durability - or all the above.

And after getting burned once or twice by supposedly highly reviewed Bluetooth headphones that in reality sounded like an AM radio receiving transmissions from the dark side of Uranus,  we have carefully selected our Headphone.com Bluetooth roster with extreme prejudice.



We always look for durable, well-engineered Bluetooth noise-cancelling headphones that take the job of both ambient noise attenuation and superb music quality seriously.  Battery life has to be decently extended with useful feature sets that add real value to the listening experience.  The fit has to be spot-on with proper ergonomics designed to be comfortably worn for long periods of time on a wide variety of head sizes and shapes.

And,  yes,  even in this difficult category,  good sound quality is always number one on our list.

As we mentioned,  there are certainly some sound quality trade-offs with NC wireless cans compared to top 'wired' audiophile headphones designed for pure music listening. But we think some great advancements have occurred in this field in just the last couple of years.