Bluetooth 5.0 headphone. Does That Mean Better Wireless Headphones?

Bluetooth 5.0 headphone. Does That Mean Better Wireless Headphones?

August 21,2018


Bluetooth 5.0 headphone. Does That Mean Better Wireless Headphones?


The common opinion held by most music fans is that wireless Bluetooth headphones are pretty darn cool. I mean who needs to be getting all tangled up in a rat's nest of wires and cables when you're listening on the fly? And with the new jack-less smartphones all the rage, a Bluetooth headphone is really the way to go.


That is unless you're a hardcore audiophile. In which case, Bluetooth is to be shunned like Keith Richards at a nunnery.


We have reviewed a lot of Bluetooth headphones over the years, a few good, most not so good. But never fear. Our Jiuhu company has diligently to manufacture a few great Bluetooth headphones we can confidently recommend to the wire-free listener.

So Are 5.0 Bluetooth Headphones Any Good?


While it remains true that wireless Bluetooth audio is not quite up to par with similarly priced 'wired' headphones, Bluetooth sound quality has steadfastly improved over the past few years.


The current Bluetooth 4.0+ algorithm was updated as of December 6, 2016, to new Bluetooth 5.0 functionality which quadruples the wireless transmission range, boosts the broadcast messaging ability by 800% and doubles the data speed capacity the critical factor for enabling a robust audio connection with true 'lossless' uncompressed quality


The other significant barrier that's kept Bluetooth audio from breaking into the consciousness of the high-quality music listener has been the actual headphones themselves. Not only have most Bluetooth headphones been plagued by horrific sound quality, poor fit ergonomics, and low-quality construction flaws, but the extremely short 4 hour run times of early Bluetooth models made using them nearly impossible before the batteries died on you mid-jams. Few things can kill the joy quicker than dreaded 'Musica Interruptus'.


But the newest Bluetooth 5.0 scheme has just become available. That bodes well for the future of improved Bluetooth headphone sound coming soon. Meanwhile, we've manufactured a few pretty good Bluetooth headphones ready for your footloose wire-free jams now.