Headphone Basics Knowledge

Some of the relevant medical and efficiency of the survey data show that frequently receive calls will staff in the most ordinary office environment, long-term health damage, and reduce work efficiency, especially those accustomed to the telephone microphone caught in the head and shoulders between the hands continue to deal with things in order to be vacated. The headset can be traced back to the application in the office occasions prior to the advent of the programmable automatic switch, when all the phone need to go through a manual transfer, the operator using a cable physical lines plug into an exchange on stage, headphone use to allow the operator to be able to free your hands. Modern office headset general must have the following characteristics: 1) Mobility: refers to the case without prejudice to a normal voice call, allowing a range of user activity. Modern office with a wireless headphone system in general this indicator is set to 10 meters --- 100 m, compared with the wired headset specialty wire, its advantage is that the latter can not be compared. 2) Compatibility: the general index - refers to the device interface allows the user to switch back and forth between other devices outside of this system. Such devices include a phone, desktop or notebook computer. 3) closed the sound and tone adjustment: Mute function during a call to encounter other people business or exchange not want the function of the objects involved in or informed of call. 4) The selection of remote hook components, remote pick hang.
Industrial wireless headset
Industrial wireless headset related to specific applications include the following: site construction, such as elevated lifting equipment, airline ground personnel, the auction industry, fire fighting, oil exploration and exploitation and large-scale industrial equipment operations, training and other occasions. These occasions generally have the following characteristics: a certain amount of risk, or operational errors will bring unpredictable consequences, immediately grasp the information, noisy avoid misunderstandings. This headphone structure, material or circuit design targeted requirements. Able to demonstrate good communication in the laboratory, such as turbine engines, pumps, toxic environment, extensive use of reinforced concrete structures impede the construction of the normal communication such as exchange complex harsh noise of strong electromagnetic radiation environment.
Multi-channel 3d stereo headphones
The headset is an electro-acoustic conversion device to convert electrical signals into sound it will sound. Existing technologies in the two-channel, multi-channel system, although the audio and video distribution, but they are carried out in a line or a plane, a complete stereo system is a three-dimensional space around the stereo system. Three-dimensional stereo four-channel system for transmission and playback, four directions, four speakers in the sound room to pick up the three-dimensional stereo microphone using the same model features four heart prescribing point, they point to features the spindle point to the four directions of the studio. Four-channel stereo system to get the higher cost of 3d surround sound, practical application, often two-channel stereo processing to produce simulated surround sound field. The special design makes use of the patented product is superior effects, a wide range of applications, such products to market will be more attracted widespread attention. However, although the currently used conventional headphones there are shortcomings, but because of its longer time to market, will constitute a certain degree of competition of patented products. In general, the competitive environment of the market can be divided into four forms, absolute monopoly, oligopoly, monopolistic competition and perfect competition. Judgment in accordance with the characteristics of the market, the market is monopolistic competitive market. With the increased market penetration of the patented product, similar products and imitation will also appear this trend of monopolistic competition will also be more obvious. Dolby Digital and THX and DTS technologies, these techniques can be called a standard surround sound technology, of course, undeniable sound best surround sound technology, but there are certain restrictions on the application, such as the equipment is expensive, listening environments require strict and adequate software, and people in certain times and certain environmental conditions or economic conditions, limitations and can not be achieved. This three-dimensional stereo headphones can be equipped with the computer, VCD, DVD, etc. to get the stereo equipment is also supporting the use of VCD, DVD, etc. (also can be equipped to get stereo equipment). Can be used to listen to the existing surround sound can also be the development of three-dimensional space of the 4-channel stereo system, the technical difficulty of this system is far lower than the surround sound technology, simply double the two-channel system. Computer's sound card, DVD, VCD chip processing technology will also change. This system may be the ultimate development trend of the stereo system, will replace the existing single, double, surround sound stereo system. Comprehensive in terms of this patented product on the market can be directly used to listen to the existing surround sound, three-dimensional space of the 4-channel stereo system can be developed. Product Features 1. The four-channel 3d stereo headphones can produce a home theater surround sound effect, replacing the bulky large speaker. Two. 4-channel 3d stereo headset is worn on the head, the stereo effect, but does not interfere with the rest of others. 3. Four-channel 3d stereo headphones to replace the single-, dual-channel headphones, and better. 4. Four-channel 3d stereo headphones can be developed independent market four-channel three-adimensional stereo playback system. This major consumer groups: computer enthusiasts, especially the heat of people loyal to the three-dimensional game; film, television fans, especially the hot loyal to the storyline of the field effect; music lovers, especially the heat loyal to the live concert people.