The Difference Between Noise Cancelling Headphone And Ordinary Headphones


The difference between noise canceling headphones and ordinary headphones

First of all, ordinary headphones and noise canceling headphones (active noise canceling headphones) have obvious differences in positioning. Ordinary headphones are mainly to meet the daily needs of listening to music, watching movies, and talking, more like to satisfy everyone's basic listening songs. Demand, but often interfere with the effect of listening to songs because of the noisy environment; while noise-reducing headphones are mainly to meet the better noise shielding in the noisy environment, so as to experience better listening effects, such as some noise Miscellaneous office, mechanical noise during flight, noise-cancelling headphones can isolate most of the external noise (headphones with good active noise reduction), so listening to songs will not be interfered by excessive external noise and can enjoy high-quality music.

Active noise reduction and passive noise reduction principles:
The active noise canceling headphone is much more complicated than the ordinary earphone. It needs to have a noise reduction module built in the earphone. It contains a microphone to accept the external noise, and then through the calculation of the internal circuit, the music is added while the earphone is playing. The external noise "reverses" the sound waves, which will cancel the noise, so that your ears can only hear the music itself, thus achieving the noise reduction effect.

Ordinary headphones can only passively reduce noise, that is, through the sound insulation material or special structure on the earphone, as much as possible to isolate noise. The passive noise canceling earphone mainly forms an enclosed space by surrounding the ear, or uses a soundproof material such as a silicone earplug to block external noise. The most common earphones with in-ear earbuds and large earmuffs can be divided into passive noise canceling headphones. If you compare the noise reduction effect of the two, in general, the effect of the active noise canceling headphones is more obvious than the noise reduction effect of the passive noise canceling headphones, and is also highly praised by users who are pursuing the ideal noise reduction effect.